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Drug & Alcohol Evaluation

I am thrilled to offer the Drug & Alcohol Evaluation service in Chamblee, Georgia, as part of my Behavioral Health & Wellness offering. My service is comprehensive, and confidential, and aims to provide personalized support to those who require it. 

My Drug & Alcohol Evaluation is a professional assessment that assists individuals in identifying potential substance abuse issues. It is performed by me and is designed to ensure that you get the assistance you need to overcome addiction. 

What makes my service unique is that I provide same-day reports, meaning that you get instant access to your results. This is ideal for those who want to move on to their treatment plan quickly and efficiently.

It's essential to note that most people do not face sobriety challenges alone, which is why my Drug & Alcohol Evaluation is crucial. It helps clients understand their journey better, including the severity of their substance abuse and the best course of treatment they can pursue to regain control over their lives.

If you're reading this, you need my services, and I'm here to help. So, engage with me now, and book my service for a better tomorrow.


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